Oh What a Night!

Last night we celebrated the launch of Getting Naked – a company passionate about your Inner Beauty, Energy, Health & Balance and Floriography was thrilled to decorate The Precinct Hotel with some very appropriate Blooming Expressions!

Lilac and yellow roses for Confidence and Freedom


Snapdragons and Delphinium for Graciousness and Fun


Mixed Carnations for Heath and Energy

Betty was excited to make her debut and featuring a gorgeous display of natives she offered all the guests a warm welcome on their arrival

Our Blooming Expressions bespoke bouquet was one of the major prizes on the night – alongside Tamra Mercieca’s new book Getting Naked – The Dating Game and Toolkit. Getting Naked’s tagline ‘Inner Beauty, Energy, Health & Balance’ was the inspiration for this Blooming Expression http://healthsavy.com bouquet filled with pink roses (perfect happiness & beauty), mixed carnations (health & energy), alstromeria (the long lasting beauty of commitment and care), stock (a contented life) and gerberas (cheerfulness); all being qualities that enrich our lives and encourage positive thinking.

The bouquet was crowned with a stunning pineapple, translating to ‘You Are Perfect’.

Congratulations Tamra and the Getting Naked team on an amazing achievement!