To market, to market

I’m not a morning person.

However for some strange reason nothing excites me more than getting up in the dark and driving down to the wholesale flower market! The roads are almost empty as I approach the markets on Footscray Rd and not until I’m in about 100 metres away does a glimmer of light and colour emerge from the flower sheds – a promise of what’s inside…

This morning was no exception – the heady aromas of Spring filled my senses as I selected the blooms I need to design a one-of-a-kind display for tomorrow’s Getting Naked Festival. Temptation was everywhere and I had to focus on my shopping list to avoid the inevitable distraction.

The beauty of combining floriography with seasonality is that there are literally endless combinations of Blooming Expressions to create. Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect to see tomorrow at The Precinct Hotel – can you predict any of the meanings?


Can’t wait to get started….