Carbon neutral deliveries now available

At floriography we understand the impact the floral industry can have on the environment and are continually searching for ways to operate a more sustainable business and set an example for our peers.

Deliveries is one part of the business I knew we could make a big impact on if the right choices were made and as I began research into environmentally friendly options available in Melbourne I was thrilled to discover Green Light Couriers.

Green Light Couriers have been around for nearly 40 years and are one of the first Melbourne based couriers to offset their entire fleet’s carbon emmissions through Greenfleet projects.

I’m super excited that we can now offer a green delivery service and Green Light Couriers are the first to receive the floriography green thumbs up!

Currently we require 24 hours notice for all deliveries, oh – and before you ask, I considered cargo bikes but didn’t think the flowers would appreciate feeling the wind in their petals!