His & Hers: Steampunk

A tribute to the moody hues of the Steampunk movement. Sometimes described as Neo Victorian, the heart of Steampunk is truly individualism. Kind of like going ‘back to the future’ in the 19th century, it’s a little bit science fiction, a little bit whimsical – but ultimately it’s about rejecting today’s mass produced cookie cutter mentality in favour of something with more soul and substance.

New life is breathed into old clothes and contraptions – creating beauty from something that may be considered old or broken. This is where I identify with the Steampunk movement – upcycling old ribbons and refashioning vintage fabrics to create a unique adornment for each of my wedding bouquets. The floriography bride finds her inspiration in suprising places – and together we design a bridal set that is unmistakably individual. I invite my brides to bring along their own treasures – a piece of ribbon or embroidery that belonged to a loved one is a symbolic way to include them in your wedding day, while a strip of fabric from a once-cherished dress could be a sentimental nod to your childhood.

Here I combined succulents with dark calla lilies, rich celosia and eryngium for a dramatic twist to a bride’s bouquet. The bouquet was finished with a smoky purple shot silk cut from an old evening gown and embellished organza ribbon from my own treasure chest. The gentleman’s boutonniere features tiny eryngium and celosia cocooned within individual succulent leaves. I think this set would be the perfect accompaniment to one of Alexandra Chambers’ stunning Clockwork Butterfly creations.

steampunk bridal bouquet

Succulent - my heart burns with love, Calla Lily - magnificent beauty, Celosia - affectation and Eryngium was once believed to be an aphrodisiac.

As part of the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program, Clockwork Butterfly will be presenting Steamscape -The Exhibition, an exploration of fashion and design in the Steampunk world. Steamscape opens tonight at Post Industrial Design, 638 Barkly Street West Footscray.


Photo Credit – Clockwork Butterfly