The little book that started it all

I am so very excited to share with you this exquisite little piece of floriography history!

Published in 1844, this darling little book is titled ‘The Flower Vase; Containing the Language of Flowers and Their Poetic Sentiments’. I was fortunate to stumble across this beautiful antique many years ago and I recently saw that similar versions are now valued at several hundred dollars!

No larger than a pocket notebook, this little treasure once belonged to a Victorian lady, and it’s just the right size to slip into the pocket of her dress – ready to decipher the leaves and petals of an admirer’s Blooming Expression at a moment’s notice.

Inside is an inscription – written in delicate calligraphy, it reads “Ms G. A. Brackett, from her friend, S.G Simpsion July. 10. 1844.”

I would love to understand the relationship between these two women, had they been childhood friends or perhaps their friendship bloomed when they became neighbours? What were their days filled with? And their wardrobes for that matter? What were the hidden messages they sent and received using this ancient language? Did Ms Brackett find her true love within a fragrant word posy? Were relationships founded and broken on the delicate petals of a flower? Alas, one can only ponder…