What is a floriographer?

floriography protea chrysanthemum nandina I’m often asked what a floriographer actually is, and why she’s different to a normal florist. I hope the following explanation is helpful…

Just as a calligrapher uses his quill, or a photographer relies on his camera, flowers are the floriographer’s form of expression.  The floriographer gives each bloom a voice, creating something beautiful not only to the eye, but resonating on a much deeper level; the impalpable sense of the sentiments themselves.

Well versed in the language of flowers, the skills of the floriographer instantly set her apart from the traditional florist. A floriographer’s creation or Blooming Expressionoffers something more than the standard mixed bunch. Where colour, texture and scent are combined in harmony, there also lies a hidden message that is yet to be discovered. The message of the flowers themselves.

Upon receiving their own Blooming Expression, the recipient will ponder every stem, as one by one they uncover the meanings and sentiments behind each carefully chosen bloom.

A floral arrangement based on the principles of floriography appears more relaxed and bountiful than many modern displays. Its presence may conjure up images of a secret garden, or perhaps the simple pleasure of freshly picked flowers. This is because the Floriographer rejects the stiff formality found in arrangements supported by floral foam, instead favouring a more naturalistic approach; hand-tied bouquets and self-supporting arrangements. This decision is supported as much by environmental reasons, as it is by allowing the flowers their own unique expression, with ‘a graceful bend here and a sweeping curve there’.

So the next time you give the gift of flowers, ask yourself – can an ordinary bunch truly express your feelings? A Blooming Expression certainly will.