Daphne in Focus

Daphne is without a doubt the Queen of the winter garden, and it’s intoxicating scent is one of my favourite things of the season.

I have never found a perfume that comes close enough to the real fragrance of daphne, so you can imagine I was thrilled to receive this little vase necklace for my birthday from my close friend. Now I can enjoy this luscious scent wherever I go!

According to Greek mythology, there was a nymph named Daphne who attracted the unwelcome attention of Apollo. She begged the gods to save her, and they granted her wish, transforming her into a laurel bush forever.

Flower Facts

  • A species of laurel, this winter flowering plant originated in China as early as 960 AD
  • It flowers between May and August
  • In the Victorian Language of flowers, daphne odora states “I would not have you otherwise”
  • Daphne is available in a pure white, as well as the more commonly seen white petals with pink reverse.