We have a winner!

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions – I must say Caddy and I had a very difficult time selecting her new name but after many discussions and a few wines, we both agreed unanimously on the result, which perfectly fills her request of being short and catchy – as well as very relevant and difficult to forget….

So without further ado – let’s hear it for…

vw caddy florist van flo floriography


Yes! From this day forward her name will be “Flo”.

Simple isn’t it! Short, catchy and to the point. And most definitely unmistakeable!

I wish I could reward all of you for your suggestions but there is only one winner – Lauren look out for a very special Blooming Expression coming your way soon!

Remember, when you see Flo zooming along, you can be sure that she’s filled with the freshest, most beautifully scented Blooming Expressions on their way to put a smile on some special recipients’ faces.

Happy Monday Everyone!