A Valentine’s gift for the gents

As promised, I’m about to share with you the ultimate Blooming Expression for your fine fella this Valentine’s day.  There’s certainly nothing feminine or frou-frou about this stately stem.

It’s bold, it’s proud, it’s…

… the Strelitzia – also goes by the name of  Bird of Paradise


This striking South African beauty harks back to 1773 and it’s renowned worldwide for it’s exotic bloom, with a fan of erect orange petals offering a glimpse of the blue tongued centre.

In floriography, the Strelitzia is the symbol of faithfulness of a woman to a man, and when combined with tropical greenery, some leucadendron for strength, and fragrant molucella for gratitude, it’s the ideal way to express your innermost feelings for him on Valentine’s Day.

Have you placed your order for Valentine’s day yet?