Jekyll & Hyde – a tale of two flowers

Anyone beginning their research into the language of flowers may become exasperated quickly when they discover the multiple meanings – or personalities – that one flower may hold. A floriographer affectionately refers to these as the Jekyll & Hyde’s and she knows just which personality to summon when creating her client’s Blooming Expression.

Today I’d like to introduce you to my top 10 Jekyll & Hyde’s

             Dr Jekyll                                  MrHyde
BeechProsperityA lover's tryst
Bird of ParadiseMagnificenceChildishness
Evening PrimoseHappy loveinconstancy
SunflowerLoyal LoveHaughtiness; False Riches
LavenderDevotion, LoveDistrust
CelosiaUnfading LoveSilliness, Frippery
HydrangeaThank you for understandingFrigidity, heartlessness
SnapdragonGracious Lady, strength'No!', Deception, presumption
Tulip, YellowThere is sunshine in your smileHopeless love
MarigoldPretty Love, AffectionCruelty in love, vulgar minded

A word of warning – before tossing that bouquet of hydrangea in disgust, or snapping those sunflowers over your knee in outrage; remember to read the accompanying card, for this will clearly state which position the flower has chosen to play in your carefully considered gift.