Part 2 “Reclaimed Youth” a sustainable installation

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Seasonal & Local Produce

IMG_1436 - CopyWe are so fortunate that 40% of Australia’s cut flowers are grown in Victoria. Even better – the majority of this bounty is grown less than 50km from Melbourne in the fertile Dandenong Ranges.

I selected beautiful Autumn tones to create an overgrown garden which almost seems to be filled with a golden glow, using many plants that we see in our own gardens at this glorious time of year. Vivid spikes of fresh green here and there represented the new growth; nature reclaiming its territory.

The carex ‘orange sedge’ and nandina are just beginning to turn in the crisp Autumn air and the sedum has evolved from the palest green through to the deepest pink – known as ‘Autumn Fire’. The deep burgundy tones of the aeonium and leucadendron were offset by their green cousins.


Considering the long term future of our environment, I was careful to avoid any plants listed as weeds on Victoria’s DPI website and as such I employed some clever substitutes to achieve an overgrown, ‘weedy’ effect.

Did you spot them?

Dill was used in place of wild fennel, while strawflowers and scabiosa heads resembled dandelions. Joey fern and potted carex were the ideal replacements for grass. Umbrella fern became the bracken we all recognise on the forest’s floor and leafless rock wattle -affectionately called ‘reindeer bush’ and tangled lignum are two hardy natives which gave the impression of other unwelcome visitors such as blackberry and prickly gorse.