the compendium

Everyone has their own language of flowers – whether it’s a memory evoked by the scent of freesias, or your country’s botanical emblem, flowers always leave an impression on us.

Based on the ancient Victorian Language of Flowers, and featuring many of my trusted favourites, this compendium is constantly evolving and will help you begin to navigate your way to selecting the right blooms for your intended message. Of course – some of these sentiments could be used for more than one occasion. Please check back often…

Love & Friendship

Alstroemeria ~ The everlasting beauty of commitment and care

Bird of Paradise ~ A token of faithfulness from a woman to a man

Bluebell ~humility, constancy, gratitude, kindness

Cineraria ~ Always delighted, singleness of heart

Daphne ~ I would not have you otherwise

Erlicheer ~ I desire a return of affection

Iris, blue ~ Faith & hope

Lilac, purple ~ the first emotions of love

Lisianthus ~ I admire your outgoing personality

Rose, purple ~ Desire

Rose, white ~ I am worthy of you, Secrecy

Tulip, pink ~ I care for you

Veronica – fidelity



Appreciation & Thanks

Molucella ~ Gratitude, Good Luck, Whimsy

Rose, deep pink ~ Gratitude


Admirable Qualities

Bamboo ~ Balance

Bouvardia ~ Enthusiasm

Freesia ~ Innocence, trust, thoughtfulness

Ginger ~ Strength

Hyacinth, white ~unobtrusive loveliness, beauty & constancy

Iris, white ~ purity

Lilac, general ~ Confidence

Lilac, white ~ youthful innocence

Pineapple ~ You are perfect

Stock ~ Gracious Lady

Rose, orange ~ Fascination

Rose, pink ~ Perfect Happiness

Rose, pale pink ~ Grace and joy


Sympathy, Remembrance & Difficult Times

Chamomile ~ Energy in adversity

Eucalyptus ~ Protection

Hypericum ~ Protection from the devil, Superstition

Leucadendron ~ Strength & courage

Protea ~ Strength & courage

Rosemary ~ Remembrance

Zinnia ~ Thoughts of absent friends


Apologies & Regret

Hyacinth, blue or purple ~ I am sorry, Please forgive me


Congratulations & Great Expectations

Forsythia ~ anticipation

Iris, general ~ Good news, a message

Iris, purple ~ Wisdom and compliments

Juniper ~ welcome to your new home

Moss ~ Maternal love

Pussy Willow ~ Motherhood


New Ventures

Cabbage ~ Profit

Chrysanthemum, general ~ Abundance & Wealth

Euphorbia ~ Persistence

Goldenrod ~ Encouragement

Rose, Green ~ Renewal, new beginnings

Wheat ~ Wealth, prosperity, fertility