how to ♥ me

Congratulations! You’re the lucky recipent of a Blooming Expression.

Here I’ve listed some simple flower care tips to help you enjoy this special gift for as long as possible…


  • Ensure you start with a clean vase and add a drop of bleach to the water to prevent bacteria from growing.
  • Trim approx 2 cm from stems on an angle before placing in water. This will ensure maximum water uptake.
  • Remove any leaves that would sit below the water line
  • Change the vase water every 2nd day. Most flowers prefer lukewarm water.
  • As time goes by, remove any deteriorating flowers. This will help the rest of your flowers last longer.
  • Add the flowers to your green waste bin at the end of their life.



  • Display your flowers near the fruit bowl (as the fruit ripens it releases a gas toxic to flowers)
  • Display your flowers in direct sunlight
  • Display your flowers near heaters, air conditioners or draughts