floriography values Sustainability

Concerned about our environment? So am I – and I believe that little changes can make a big impact. Here are some of the ways floriography makes a difference every single day

Waste Management

  • water is reused on gardens
  • Packaging is recycled or reused wherever possible (paper, plastic, rubber bands).
  • Natural, plant based cleaners are used instead of harsh chemicals.
  • Green waste collection service for all offcuts (imported offcuts are not collected)
  • floriography is floral foam free – meaning that there is a little bit less of this non-degradeable product in landfill (and the toxic ingredients that could harm you, me and the planet are avoided)


  • floriography HQ is supported by a 2.5kW solar system
  • Proudly employing a carbon neutral courier ensures that floriography deliveries are greener than most.


  • floriography gifts are all wrapped in recyclable brown paper, tissue paper and reusable ribbons. The cellophane used is BOPP (Bi-axially oriented polypropylene) and is inert (unreactive) and recyclable.
  • floriography cards, brochures and tags are all printed on recycled stock.
  • the floriography vase may not be a vase at all. Tins, jars, teapots and jugs all feature in my designs and you might just be suprised at what has been given a second life when your floriography gift arrives. The charm of a preloved item often outweighs the predictable ceramic vase at floriography.


  • In Victoria we have four seasons for a reason. Our state produces over 40% of the country’s commercially grown flowers – we are truly spoiled for choice. Wherever possible I source locally grown, seasonal products directly from the growers to ensure freshness. Sometimes flowers will be sourced interstate and overseas imports are mainly limited to certain types of orchids that aren’t grown in Australia.

Do you have any suggestions for how I can continue to improve? I’d love to hear from you…