What is it?

The flower bomb is our premium, completely tailored gift service and is available throughout the Melbourne metro area.

It all begins with a covert rendezvous with our floriographer, either onsite or at another hideout (trench coat optional). Come prepared with some images of the drop zone so that we can create a floral theme perfectly matched to your current colours and decor. A list of the target’s favourite flowers is also handy – or ask our floriographer to create a display using the language of flowers, conveying the sentiments that words simply cannot express. Timing and codewords are established, and you will be asked to appoint an undercover agent to stand by during the drop (if you won’t be there yourself).

Discretion is paramount and you can be assured that we will never let it slip – the questions is, can you keep your lips sealed?

To enquire or arrange your rendezvous, call 0412 672 346 or click here to email.

If you’d like to find out more about the Flower Bomb in this video – click here for the story.

Why would I?

Why wouldn’t you? Have you been trying to come up with a unique way to celebrate that special someone? Maybe you’ve been particularly naughty recently and need to make up for it. Or perhaps it’s your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary? Your best friend’s milestone birthday? The list goes on but one thing’s for sure, they’ll never expect this!

The beauty of the flower bomb is that every morning, you get to wake up to a house styled with fresh, beautiful, flowers. It’s like being on holiday – but at home! It’s like living in a garden – but without the bugs!

Any other questions?

How much does it cost? As each flower bomb is completely personalised, it’s very difficult to give a price. Having said that, the only limit is your imagination!

Do we keep the vases? Vases are on loan – generally for a period of 2 weeks, after which time we’ll come to collect them. Vase hire, set up and pick up is all included in your package. Any missing or broken items will need to be paid for.

What do you mean you sneak into my home? Whoah! Wait a sec, we’re not interested in anything but lighting the fuse. If you’re going to be out distracting the target, you must provide an undercover agent who will grant us access to the dropzone at the agreed time.

My target suffers from asthma or allergies. That’s fine, just give us the details during the rendezvous. There’s a flower out there for everyone!!

Do I need to do any preparation? You’ll get best results if you provide us with a neat and tidy house.

I want sunflowers in June and daffodils in January please. Then go to Europe. Just kidding – we’ll do our best to accommodate specific flower requests but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. Your floriographer will discuss flower availability during your rendezvous. Substitutions may be required from time to time.

Will you light candles too? We can provide candles however we won’t be ‘lighting and leaving’ if that’s what you mean. It’s up to you or your undercover agent to do this just prior to detonation. Do not leave burning candles unattended.

How long will the flowers last? It all depends on how you look after them. Some will look great for a week while others will last for much longer. We’ll provide care instructions to help you enjoy them for as long as possible.

What else can you provide? There are a range of other items available including champagne buckets and candlesticks. Your floriographer will talk you through all the options at your rendezvous. If this is a wedding anniversary then it’s a nice touch to dust off your wedding flutes and chill a bottle of bubbly. We’ll supply the ice! If you’re really creative you could set up a slideshow to be playing on TV when they arrive. Just let us know and we’ll be happy to tee it up.

How long will it take to drop the bomb? That all depends on accessibility and how big the bomb is. Generally 90 minutes is sufficient for 4 rooms.

What do I need to do? Keep a secret! It can be very tempting to tell your best mate or mum about what you’re planning, but the only way to guarantee the ‘BOOM!‘ factor is to operate on a ‘need to know basis’. Do they really need to know?